Divine guardian of a living heritage

“We already have informed the hyumat, that she would need to undergo the process of Ihi: and Gufa life rituals since she is at the age of mensuration,” explains her mother Rohini Gulu, referring to the administrators of the House of the Kumari.

Unlike the royal Kumari of Kathmandu who has to reside in a special house in Basantapur away from her family, the living goddess of Panauti stays with her parents, goes to school like every other child and spends time playing and watching tv.

On any other day, her schedule starts with preparing for school, and walking to school with her brother, Manan, and one of their parents.

In class, she sits with friends and although a little shy she gets along well with classmates and teachers. Her favourite subject is Maths and English and she is also among the top three students in class.

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