NEA buys 20 electric cars, but drivers aren’t ready to run them

Kathmandu, April 13

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) recently purchased 20 electric cars for its own use as the authority wants to promote electric vehicles in the country.

However, drivers employed by the authority have shown reluctance to operate them as the new vehicles will not give them a chance to earn extra. Apparently, the drivers have been adding some amount to their actual fuel bills as they claim the cost from the authority.

Further, an official reveals drives would increase servicing bills also by around 25 per cent. If the EVs come into operation, they will lose this too as the EVs’ servicing costs are 90 per cent less than those of combustion vehicles.

Consequently, the Tata Nexon EVs have been gathering dust at the authority’s central office in Kathmandu.

“Leaders of the trade unions have also been active to communicate their complaints to high officials,” an official says.

Earlier, the drivers contracted by the Department of Roads had also refused to operate electric cars.

Meanwhile, the authority’s chief Kul Man Ghising has appealed to other officials to drive the cars on their own for official purposes, warning of firing the reluctant drivers.

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