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By People’s Daily

China has honored its solemn promise by presenting the world with streamlined, safe and splendid Olympic Games, said Chinese President Xi Jinping at a gathering to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

In an important speech he delivered at the gathering, he hailed the achievements of the Games and summarized the preparation and hosting of the Games that spanned seven years.

To host the Games is a great event for China and the Communist Party of China. It is the solemn promise that the Chinese people have made to the international community to ensure the delivery of safe and splendid Winter Olympics and Paralympics as scheduled.

Over the past seven years, China, following the “green, inclusive, open and clean” approach and promising streamlined, safe and splendid Games, has done its best to ensure sound organizational work, thoughtful services and dispatching work to guarantee the delivery of safe and splendid Winter Olympics and Paralympics as scheduled.

The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games were the first international multi-sport events held as scheduled since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Games were captivating, with the theme of building a community with a shared future for mankind running throughout. Integrating the Chinese culture with ice and snow elements, the ceremonies demonstrated the beauty of nature, the beauty of humanity and the beauty of sport, and showcased the image of China as a trustworthy, loveable and admirable country in the new era. The three competition zones have won universal appraisal of participants for their first-rate venues and facilities, meticulous and professional organizational work, and thoughtful services.

The Chinese people, along with people from around the world, have once again presented the Games that will go down in history, and Beijing has become the world’s first “dual-Olympic city.”

The preparation and hosting of the Games have pushed forward the leap-frog development of China’s ice and snow sports. A new era of ice and snow sports in China and the world at large has unfolded.

The Games have left a fruitful legacy, with the success of the Games promoting regional development. The COVID-19 prevention and control are targeted and effective, ensuring the safe and smooth progress of the Games. China’s COVID response policy has once again withstood the test, contributing useful experience for the world to fight against the virus and host major international events.

As the world is witnessing combined impacts of profound changes unseen in a century and the COVID-19 pandemic, the success of the Games has prompted exchanges between cultures, and played a key role in promoting solidarity, cooperation and joint efforts to overcome difficulties globally. It has also brought confidence and hope to a world overshadowed by instability, and sent the world a message of our times — Together for a Shared Future.

The glory of the Games is built on seven years of arduous endeavors. President Xi said in his speech that the success in hosting the Games is a result of the efforts and wisdom of people working in different fronts for the preparation and organization of the events. The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics were prepared and hosted under great difficulties. Upholding the spirit of “never stop, never make a single mistake and never miss a day’s work”, all participants have made painstaking efforts.

Facts have proved again that the Chinese people not only have the willingness and determination to make contributions to advancing the Olympic movement and promoting solidarity and friendship among peoples across the world, but also have the ability and enthusiasm to make even greater contributions.

President Xi stressed that the Olympics bear the humanity’s pursuit of peace, unity and progress. During the preparations, the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and members of the Olympic and Paralympic families helped a lot with the work of China. Governments and people of many countries and international friends provided China with great support. Leaders of many countries and international organizations arrived in China to attend relevant events in person. As a result, China’s “circle of friends” and “group of partners” have kept expanding.

Athletes from all over the world respected and encouraged each other during the competitions and exceeded the limit of their endurance. They perfectly substantiated the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together” and the Paralympic values “Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality.”

The Games are grand events that feature peace, friendship, unity and cooperation and inspire the world.

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