New Year on the right note

Day 1: New Year’s Day

1 Baisakh (14 April), Thursday

Folk Flute music at Dhokaima

Entry free

Day 2: Yala Maya Classics

2 Baisakh (15 April), Friday

191st edition of Yala Maya Classics

Entry free

Day 3: Namlo Music

3 Baisakh (16 April), Saturday

Namlo mini music festival – Folk music / Community / Food

Featuring Uḍumbara, Kutumba, Namlo and the NMH Children’s Choir

Entry: Rs250 (for ages 5 – 11) 

Rs500 (for ages 12 and above)

Day 4: Drum Jatra Finale

4 Baisakh (17 April), Sunday

Showcasing the top highlights of Kathmandu’s percussion festival

Entry: Rs1,000

Day 5: Surprise Event

 7 Baisakh (20 April), Wednesday

Opening act by Bibhuti. More detail to be revealed.

Entry: Rs500 (pre-sale)

Rs1,000 (door)

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