Returning to the cradle of democracy

And there she was: back on the streets, still shouting “Long live democracy” outside Singha Darbar. Sixteen years after he took her picture, he took another photograph of Durga Thapa, smeared in vermilion and leading a pro-democracy rally. Thapa was now 38, had a son, and was a civil servant.

This year, 30 years after the first photo was taken, Bajracharya was once more curious to see where Durga Thapa was. Now 53, she is now the assistant Chief District Officer of Rasuwa. Her life has paralleled the trajectory of democracy in this country.

This week, Min Bajracharya brought Durga Thapa to the Khula Manch which has been mired in controversy after Kathmandu Metropolitan City tried to turn it into a parking lot, and although it is abandoned, it is still one of the few open spaces left in Kathmandu.

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