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Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya
Senior Journalist, Nepal

Nepal and Pakistan are close and cordial friends. They are always there for each other through thick and thin; no matter what difficulty they face.

The two nations have been striving to ensure peace, order and development in the region through the platform of SAARC.

The South Asia holds great potential for trade, connectivity, industrialization and shared prosperity.

Nepal and Pakistan are committed to unlocking these potentials to the mutual benefits of both nations.

They have common views on and understanding of scores of regional and international matters, enabling them to deepen their bilateral bond.

A real friend is tested in the time of crisis.

A true friend never turns back if calamity befalls another friend.

Nepal-Pakistan ties present an example of true friendship. Pakistan has always helped Nepal whenever the latter is in trouble.

There are numerous instances in which Pakistan has taken prompt initiative to overcome the woes of Nepal .During the 2015 earthquake ,

Pakistan swiftly provided humanitarian assistance to Nepal.

This support was precious given the magnitude of destruction caused by the quake.

The bilateral bonhomie between the two nations has gone from strength to strength since they established their diplomatic relations in 1960.

Their relationship has-been bolstered by the high level exchanges of visits at government-to-government and people-to-people level.

Pakistan has been extending support to Nepal in the field of economy, education and technology.

Hundreds of Nepali studied in Pakistan under its scholarship programmes.

It is providing stipends to Nepali students to pursue medical education.

This has greatly helped boost the health sector of the country.

Nepal and Pakistan have been guided by shared civilizational ethos, culture and political system. Pakistan has preserved Buddhism that has served as the spiritual bridge between the two nations.

Lord Buddha, who spread the light of knowledge and message of peace worldwide, was born in Nepal.

Similarly, Nepal has respected and protected Muslim community.

Muslim people freely practice their religion and tradition in Nepal. This broader understanding has added positive element to their relations.

The two nations should explore new avenues of cooperation in the field of economy, trade, tourism and culture.

The governments of two nations should work together to revive the SAARC established to eradicate poverty and establish peace and harmony in the region.

Nepal is the current chair of SAARC so it has greater responsibility to take all SAARC member states into confidence to give a new life to the regional body.

The region will be able to achieve their desired goals if all member states work in unison in the interest of their people.

Nepal and Pakistan enjoy excellent ties.

It is imperative to design and organize constructive activities to further promote the bilateral ties.

All stakeholders, including the government, citizens, media and civil society members should make concerted efforts to take Nepal-Pakistan ties to newer heights.

With this lovely country Pakistan, the friendly relations between Nepal and Islamic Republic of Pakistan have been cordial ever since the establishment of Diplomatic relations between the two countries in December 1960.

To support in the strengthening cordial ties of the two countries through the people to people level, Nepal-Pakistan Friendship and Cultural Association(NPFCA) was established and registered with the concerned Department of the Government of Nepal in December 1961(9th Magha 2018, Monday).

This Friendship Association is one of the pioneers among the same kind of other Associations to be established in Nepal.

This Association was established with the aim of strengthening the friendship and promotion of cultural exchanges between the people from both countries.

This Friendship Association is one of the pioneers among the same kind of other Associations to be established in Nepal.

NPFCA is organizing each and every Programme under the leadership of Mr. Himalaya Shumsher J.B.Rana who is the President of NPFCA.

As per Nepalese Government rules and regulations, the registration of NPFCA is renewed every year.

This Association has its own Pan Number.- Maintaining Central Office:

The Association has set up its office at Maitighar in Kathmandu on March 1990 with a view to provide valuable information about Pakistan to the interested people.

It distributes necessary documents and books on Pakistan. We hold interactions on Nepal-Pakistan ties from time to time.-

Likewise we are operating Public Relations Office at Kalimati near Hotel Soltee since 2002 where media personalities, politicians and social service people attend each and every Saturday Breakfast meeting at 9 am and they discuss ways to promote friendly relations Nepal and Pakistan .

Publishing Messages of the Pakistanis leadership, News,, Articles etc of Pakistan in each and every issue of ARPAN Weekly.

The ARPAN Weekly is publishing from Kathmandu regularly since 57 years.  It has wide circulation in Nepal and many countries of world through our Website of ARPAN Weekly

Organizing Independence Day of Pakistan, NPFCA has been annually organizing the Independence Day of Pakistan on August 14 for many years to deepen Nepal-Pakistan ties at the people to people level.

It is a great pleasure for NPFCA to welcome and honour Rt. Hon’ble Vice President Mr. Nanda Bahadur Pun for kindly presiding as a Chief Guest in each and every Independence Day of Pakistan.

Hon’ble Foreign Minister, Higher Government officials including from MOFA, high Govt .levels leaders from different political parties, diplomats, civil society members, business and academic community, doctors, industrialists, bankers and media among others attend the Independence Day of Pakistan and share their views on Nepal-Pakistan ties.-

Operating NPFCA website with a view to expanding Nepal-Pakistan ties, NPFCA has launched its own website that provides useful information about Nepal-Pakistan Friendly relations.

It seeks to apprise the viewers of the activities of the Association undertaken to strengthen the bond of remarkably cordial relationship between the government and people of Nepal and Pakistan.

The NPFCA website was launched by Rt.Hon’ble Vice President Mr.Nanda Bahadur Pun amidst a special but very attractive ceremony on 10th December 2017.

The digital efforts to enhance contacts between the two friendly nations are greeted by the people wishing to see both nations working together for the common benefits. We humbly request all to visit our NPFCA Arranged programme for the distribution of relief materials to over two hundred people hard hit by the extended lockdown in different parts of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Dhuluikhel. (Two times)- Servicing free Medical Camps, NPFCA is annually organizing free medical camps for the needy, old and the poor.

It has been organizing free medical camps in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel for many years.

The Association has been mobilizing the Nepali doctors graduated from Pakistan to conduct the health camps.

In my view, this is very practical approach to get engaged Nepali physicians graduated from Pakistan.

This reflects these doctors’ loyalty towards nation and selfless services to the patients.

In Nepal quality health facilities are beyond the capacity of the poor these days.

Health amenities have become costly. If a patient from poor economic background catches a serious disease, she has few options.

So the Association came up with the idea of providing the health services to the needy people with the participation of Nepali physicians who completed their study in Pakistan.

The patients suffering from diabetic, blood pressure, neurological, ENT, heart, pediatric and orthopedic problems enjoyed free treatment and medicines.

The patients get medicine and X-ray and Ultra-Sound Test free of cost too.

The poor patients are provided medicines for six months freely. Around 1800 Nepali doctors have so far graduated from Pakistan.

They have realized that they have also social and moral responsibility towards those deprived of basic health amenities.

In my view this isa modest way of boosting the bilateral relations between the two nations.-

Recently, NPFCA organized15th Free Medical Camp at Pratibha Secondary School ward No 5 Panchkhal, Dhulikhel,on 26th February2022 successfully which was inaugurated by H.E. Ambassador of Pakistan Syed Haider Shah amidst a special ceremony by lighting an oil fed traditional Panas Lamp .

Likewise, NPFCA is organizing 16th Free Medical Camp at Janaprabhat Higher Secondary School, Kalimati Kathmandu on 26th March 2022 Saturday.

Nepal-Pakistan Friendship and Cultural Association wishes continued peace, glory and prosperity for the people of Pakistan.

The Nepalese people have been closely watching with deep interest and sense of high appreciation the marvelous achievement of vast developments made by the people of Pakistan.

Long live Nepal- Pakistan friendship.

# The distinguished author Mr. Shakya is a long time senior professional colleague of the chief of news portal. Mr. Shakya concurrently is the founder General Secretary of Nepal-Pakistan Friendship and Cultural Association: Ed. Upadhyaya N. P.

#Our contact email address is: [email protected]

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