Those opposing electoral alliance between coalition members can quit the party: Prakash Man Singh | Ratopati

KATHMANDU, April 1: Prakash Man Singh, leader of the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) has maintained that those opposing the party’s decision to form an electoral alliance within the members of the ruling coalition can quit the party.

Addressing an event organized at Baneshwar at Baneshwar, Singh also stressed that it is compulsory to abide by the party’s decision after being a member of the party. “It will be better for the party if those within the party trying to weaken the party quits.” 

“There is a compulsion to go for polls forming an electoral alliance to protect the Constitution,” Singh further said. “We will form an electoral alliance as per local needs.”

Besides, Singh also urged his fellow party members not to harm the party trying to earn popularity.

Earlier, a central committee meeting of the party took a decision to form an electoral alliance as per the local needs in the upcoming local level elections. However, leaders in the party seem divided regarding the party’s decision.


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