NC provincial committees to get to use levy

The provincial committees of Nepali Congress (NC) will get to use levy collected in accordance to the party statute.

The grand old party collects levy from cadres, and federal and provincial lawmakers and ministers.

The 20-percent levy deducted from remuneration of provincial lawmakers and ministers until now was deposited in the account of the central executive committee. This will be deposited in the account of provincial committees from the next Nepali year starting in mid-April, as per the decision taken by the central committee meeting on Tuesday.

The party, however, has instructed the provincial NC parliamentary party committees to send the levy deducted until the end of Chaitra (mid-April) to the center, according to Chief Secretary of NC Krishna Prasad Paudel.

The provincial committees will also get to keep Rs 40 out of the Rs 300 collected from each new active member, and Rs 10 of the Rs 200 collected for renewal of active membership.

NC Spokesperson Prakash Sharan Mahat said that the central committee will send the amount from the new and renewed active members existing at the time of 14th general convention to the respective provincial committees.  

The provincial committees were struggling financially to carry out regular functions as they were denied even the levy that the party statute has allowed them to use.

Published Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 10:28:00

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