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KATHMANDU, March 9: Four members of a family of Ramkot, Nagarjun Municipality-6 of Kathmandu, are currently undergoing treatment at Manmohan Memorial Hospital. These family members were found consumed poison attempting to suicide on Monday. Altogether, five members were found attempting suicide. Suwarnaman Pradan, 33, died last night.

Bhim Pradan, 38, his wife Mandira Pradan, 35, his mother Indira Maya Pradan and Supriya Pradan, 11 are currently undergoing treatment.

It has been learnt that Supriya who was studying in grade six was fed poison by her parents. She is currently undergoing treatment on a ventilator. 

Deceased Suwarnaman Pradan is Bhim’s nephew.

According to SP Dinesh Mainali of Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, these people undergoing treatment on ventilator are in serious condition.

‘Suicide note’ written five days ago

The preliminary investigation of the police have suggested that the family had written the suicide note five ahead of attempting the suicide.

It has been found that Mandira wrote the suicide note on March 2 and signed it. Bhim on March 4 wrote his suicide note and signed it. The note of Indira Maya contains her fingerprints.

Mandira has written ‘ Have suffered a lot from office work. Mother-in-law and husband do not seem to recover from the disease. Despite all the hardships, I have only failed.” 

Similarly, Bhim has urged one recovering their dead bodies to hand them over to his brothers along with their whereabouts and belongings.

The police are also examining Mandira’s mobile phone, according to Dinesh Raj Mainali, SP at Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu. 

The police have also confiscated four different types of insecticides from the incident site.

Reason for attempting suicide

Indira Maya Pradan is a cancer patient. Bhim had some mental illness. Bhim, who used to drive a taxi, was unemployed these days.

Mandira, who was working as a collector at Newroad-based British Gorkha Saving and Credit, was the only source of income for the family.

Mandira was also accused of fraud by the company. She has also written about the issue in her suicide note.

As of now, the Police believe that there should be a economical reason behind the suicide attempt.


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