NC to decide about electoral alliance through central committee meeting: Sharma

Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma has said that the party’s central committee will take a decision about whether to form electoral alliance with other parties in the upcoming local election.

He said the party will discuss the issue in the central committee meeting next week. “We will hold discussion about electoral alliance in the ┬ácentral committee meeting. It will be decided from there,” he told reporters at Khandbari on Tuesday. “We will move forward as per the recommendation of the central committee.”

He also urged the party cadres to start preparations stressing that the election will be held on May 13 as scheduled. He added that the party’s ‘Gharghar Jaon Congress Jitaon’ (Let’s go to every home, let’s make Congress victorious) campaign that started from March 13 will continue until April 12.

He revealed that the election-focused campaign has been initiated to give a new shape to NC and to build its relation with the people. He opined that deliberation on ideology and development during the election will be beneficial for the people.

Published Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 09:12:00

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