Local elections: Code requires existing office-bearers to resign to contest

Kathmandu, March 17

The elected local representatives will not be able to contest in the upcoming local elections until they resign from their posts.

The Election Commission clarified this by publishing the code of conduct for the polls on Thursday.

It has been learned that the provision has been added to the election code of conduct because it is also included in the Local Elections Act.

“There are chances that those in power will be able to do unethical things like use his/her power to influence voters, alter budget for his/her need and misuse the power of the local government,” says an official from the Election Commission. “To stop that from happening, we have added this provision that is included in the act.”

The code of conduct will come into effect since the dates decided by the commission, say the Election Commission officials.

The government of Nepal has decided to hold local elections on May 13, 2022.

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