BJP headed for majority in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur | Ratopati

MARCH 10: The BJP looks set to win at least 249 seats in the crucial state of Uttar Pradesh.

While it’s likely to lose 60 seats from its 2017 tally, it will still get a comfortable majority.

The party is also leading in 44 seats in Uttarakhand where it will probably retain power.

In Manipur, it’s leading in 22 seats. Experts say that a second term here will boost the BJP’s plan to consolidate its presence in the northeast.

In Uttarakhand, the BJP looks poised to come back with Pushkar Singh Dhami as chief minister.

If it maintains its lead and wins, this will be the first time since the state’s formation in 2000 that an incumbent party has returned to power.

In 2017, the BJP won 57 out of 70 seats in the state to form the government. During its five-year tenure, the state has had three chief ministers.

Mr Dhami was appointed to the post in July amid infighting.

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