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N. P. Upadhyaya

Kathmandu: He stands exposed.

He is not he was believed for decades and decades.

Some say that he cheated his “blind followers”.

But yet his dreams stand shattered at this juncture.

The prestige and popularity that he have had in the Nepali society for his “distinct leaning” have turned into a farce and that he was not as to what was believed of him.

Is he a cheater then? You conclude yourself.

The choice is yours.

AS the luck would have it, a junior to him almost brought him to the foot path.

People, honestly speaking, make a joke of him citing various political reasons.

Some even say that he ditched his “ideal person” by aligning himself with enemical alien elements.

However, this remains yet to be substantiated but yet strong rumors suggest that he “deviated” from his principled stance.

The manner he was “challenged” by comparatively a kid from a kid from his own political paraphernalia that he has gone senile, some believe, too has come to light as the manner he has been spitting venom against the “institution” that encouraged him to enter politics but also made him what Kamal Thapa can boast of his political personality as of today.

Yes, we are talking of Kamal Thapa today as to how he made his political persona right from Zero to Hero.

Nepali people who know him adive to recall his gloomy and modest past.

Thapa, a non-entity originally from Makwanpur, Hetaunda, was just a sports boy who per chance came across the Nepali Royalty and ascended all the possible ladders in politics and made a place in Nepali politics.

This ladder is rare for millions and millions of Nepali people and that too even in those days when the Royalty ruled supreme.

Clearly he was a blessed beneficiary of the largessee of the Nepali Royals who , decades and decades later, lost their lives in what is taken as the horrifying Royal Massacre of Nepal.

As a beneficiary, let’s presume, that he must have made immense fortune from his proximity with the Nepali Royals.
Just a guess works only.

In fact, he thrived in the country’s politics through the use and overuse of Prince Dhirendra-the youngest brother of late King Birendra.

His close and intimate proximity with the Prince not only established him in the contemporary Nepali politics but was awarded a very high post in the Students Union of the former Panchayati regime.

When the Royals were behind this “none entity” Thapa from Makwanpur, the worldly pleasuures and riches must have followed him, let’s presume this also.
The assumption could be wrong but generally such assumptions come true in Nepal.

Kamal Thapa thus earned name and fame both by being close to the Nepali royalties, he must recall now aas he can’t escape this recalling.

But if he was taken as a veteran student leader among the Panchayati youth leaders then he concurrently was taken as a rotten egg of the Nepali politics by those who were in opposition politics deriding the Panchayati regime then actively guided by the Nepali King.

Thapa’s political stature grew with the passage of time and he was able to establish himself well in the country’s politics.

During the Panchayat period, Kamal Thapa was a key political player because of his close proximity with the Royals as stated earlier.

The “clear backing” of the Nepali Royalty made him easier to jump into the power corridors of Nepali political spectrum.

The upside jump then never came to an end even if the King’s system changed.

And this ascent continued even when the Nepali Royalty became a lost case of Nepali history.

Nepal’s Royal institution almost vanished but on the contrary, Thapa’s political rise kept going even when the country adopted the Republican order supposedly “gifted or say imposed” by enemy nation-neighbor Indian regime.

To recall, Kamal Thapa, the rumors said then that he cheated, as of now the last King Gyanendra when the King made him the home minister during his short reign in Nepal.

It is said that when the uprising instigated and designed by the Indian establishment began against the King Gyanendra in 2005-6, Thapa was the one who, we had been told then, guaranteed the King that he will take care of the uprising in his own manner and that “there is nothing to panic”.

Thapa used to convince the King perhaps in a wrong manner which came to light after the King’s regime collapsed.
The King trusted him but the former couldn’t sense that he is being duped.

The King is at fault as he took Thapa at the face value to which he must have avoided, strong rumors then were in the circulation.

Some even say today that Kamal Thapa and one more high profile minister in King Gyanendra’s cabinet duped the King in broad day light for which the King have had to pay a heavy price later.

The Royal institution was scrapped from Nepal.

A new history was written by wrong men under the instigation of ssome known “aliens” who were hell bent on up rooting the Royal institution.

It is this presumed or assumed cheat and deceit that abruptly brought down the Nepal’s Royal institution altogether and the King in his turn left the Royal Palace smilingly and headed towards the Nagarjun jungles allowing the Delhi-Sheltered-Jungle dwellers to capture the Nepali politics which unfortunately continues till to date.

Whose men are controlling the Nepali politics could be any body’s guess?

That Kamal Thapa played double during the India designed revolution in the year 2005 became evident when the same Kamal Thapa- a staunch Royalist changed the political camp and joined the Cabinet(s) later formed by the successive Republican leaders of Nepal.

Kingdom turned to a Republican Order and lo! Kamal Thapa willingly became a party to the new Republican order which is what he came under the ambit of suspicion.

Camp changer Thapa had even earned a bad name when he in a much more similar way ditched Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand.

Prime Minister Chand had coined a fitting nick name to Thapa as ” a rat-the Camp changer”.

Since then, many take him as the “most opportunist political persona” in Nepal’s political spectrum.

Who else knows Kamal Thapa better than former Prime Minister Lokendra bahadur Chand.

PM Chand then claimed that Thapa cheated him at time when he needed Thapa’s support most inside the Panachayati Parliament.

Thapa yet claimed that he still revered the Nepal’s deposed King and the rumors were afloat in the political market then that he “used to assure the overthrown King” that he will lobby for the restoration of the Nepali monarchy by convincing Indian Prime Minister Modi who is a fanatic Hindu.

He will use the Hindu Card with Indian Prime Minister Modi, is how he had assured now defunct King Gyanendra and the latter appears to have taken Thapa in good faith.

The King in turn perhaps took Thapa’s words as “genuine” and got cheated, the former Royal soiurces claim.

The fun was that he expressed his total and unwavering support to the Republican Constitution and yet posed that he was the one who could restore the Nepali Monarchy.

Isn’t it a double play?

He grabbed important portfolios in the India gifted Republican Order but yet forcefully claimed that he was a dependable Royalist to which he was not as later things became crystal clear.

His hobnob with the Thug Indian leaders, including PM Modi, were only to his personal benefits.

If not then he is advise to clarify. Will he assure his political credentials?

King Gyanendra though he knew Kamal Thapa from close quarters and have had enough “experience” of this chameleon leader but yet counted on him and to his flimsy assurance as Thapa was the one who posed that in the troubled period of the King, he was with him even in rough weathers.

He was a Royalist and concurrently a staunch Republican.

Reminds the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

He favored Hindu Nepal but yet championed the cause of the Republican Nepal allowing the intellectuals to question his actual political diploma.

The fact is that Thapa neither is a Royalist nor he could be a Republican.

He is what suits to his political benefit, this is the general impression in circulation in Kathmandu.

No one can but Kamal Thapa tried to be “honest” to his two separate and conflicting roles.

The deposed Royalty later began keeping Thapa at a distance as what Thapa was remained no longer a seecret to the now deposed but yet “beloved” King.

To come to the point:

Kamal Thapa got defeated the RPP ( Rastriya Prajatanta Party) fresh election for the Chairman post.

Thapa blames the former Nepali Royalty ( The Nirmal Nivas- the private abode of Nepal’s former King Gyanendra) to have directly “intervened” in the RPP election and the Palace candidate Rajendra Lingden won by defeating him (Thapa).

To be specific, Thapa blames King Gyanendra for his election defeat.

Thapa’s “baseless” accusations( ?) made against the former Nepali Royalty is, some say, his outbursts for having lost the election and also of his increasing “inferiority complex”.

Generally, those who get defeated in the political elections, lose their temper and begin talking sense and at times nonsense even.

Thapa was confident that he once again will occupy the Chairmanship of the Party and “enjoy” all the political bounties by being “close” to all the “elevated” political characters by the aliens after the fake fall of Nepali monarchy.

King Gyanendra too has a somewhat bad habit in that he prefers in his close proximity even as of now those who posses a blur credentials and also suspected to have been working for “foreign” spy agencies.

One Delhi posted journalist, as is believed, is close to the former King, it is rumored.

Some even claim that this Delhi journalist was sent in a “mission” to Kathmandu in order to shake the very foundations of Nepali monarchy and he, reportedly, succeeded in accomplishing his “mission”.

AS the luck would have it, high placed sources in Kathmandu’s political circuit claim that the same media man is in a new mission of restoring the deposed monarchy.

This is fantastic.

A close look at Thapa’s political climb in this Republican order and also who did not face any difficulties to fit into the Republican shoes proved that he was made for all political parties.

Thapa was with the Nepali Congress. Thapa was excessively close to the UML and by the same token, he was not that much far from the Delhi trained Nepal Maoists.

So what makes Thapa, a former Royalist, to fit into every political shoes?

He was never a Royalist, let’s stamp it summing up his political journey.

Those who understand Kamal Thapa better claim that his main source of political authority is the Indian Prime Minister Modi and the Bharatiya Janta Party or otherwise the BJP.

The Indian BJP believes in Hindu belief and concurrently hates all other religions.

It is altogether a different matter that the Indian establishment more so the Research Analysis Wing (the RAW) is the main source of political strength of each and every political leaders of Nepal which obviously includes the Republican veteran Kamal Thapa.

Just a guess work only with malice to none.

Thapa after facing the ” almost humiliating” the defeat in the RPP election at the hands of his own trained junior, has gone senile and berserk and making irresponsible comments that are neither desirable nor suit to his political stature that he has made for himself over these past decades.

It would be an act of wisdom if Kamal Thapa corrects his “double and triple play” in politics then, peoeple say, still can earn name and fame.

If done so then Thapa can establish once again as a veteran political personality.

Kamal Thapa’s oratory is a thing that stands par excellence in the crowd of the existing repulsive buffoons of Nepal.
But he must clarify as to where he stands now?

He is a Royalist who wants to restore the deposed Monarchy or a political personality who believes in double play? Or be in the political spectrum as an Opportunist of the highest order?

We have sympathies for Kamal Thapa for his defeat in the election. Take it easy Mr. Thapa.

Kamal Thapa has freshly dissociated himself with the Party wherein his contributions are or were great in the past.

Thapa has now his own different political platform than Lingden’s who defeated him very recently in the Rastriya Prajatantra party-the RPP.

Thapa is advised modestly to take back his most erratic comments against the family of the ex-Royals which had elevated him to the the rank that you have become able to challenge those who made him Kamal Thapa of today.
Recall sensibly and responsibly.

Be honest Kamal Thapa or else you will become what you were prior to your journey to Kathmandu. The message is loud and clear.
Making unreliable comments will damage your political career which has waned of late more so after you began to make unfounded and uneven comments.
IN fact, Thapa believes that he was betrayed by King Gyanendra.

But King Gyanendra concludes, his sources have told this scribe, that he was taken for a ride by Kamal Thapa for decades and decades.

Thapa, moreover, takes King Gyanendra as his political competitor. But is Thapa?

Keep on guessing with a smile.

All said and done, Thapa at times gives the impression that he is himself Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde-a character presented so forcefully by Robert Louis Stevenson born in Edinburgh and the son of Thomas Stevenson.

In this story Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are the same person though they perform two roles concurrently.
Their role gets exposed later. An Interesting story that it is.

So our Thapa too is, strong rumor says, a staunch Royalist and a die hard Republican.

But what in effect he is ? Thapa is a veteran political scientist having graduated from the Tribhuban University long long ago.

All the best to Kamal Thapa in his upcoming political role-Hope he will contribute to the enhancement of Nepal’s prestige and popularity.

With no malice to Mr. Thapa. We mean no harm to you. That’s all.

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