In Conversation With Harpreet Singh: Well Known Social And Political Activist From New Delhi | Kathmandu Tribune

Harpreet Singh is a widely recognized social worker, political activist and youth leader from the city of New Delhi, India. He is the youngest Secretary General of the Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress. Harpreet Singh is also an entrepreneur and is the Director of the firm GSR Holdings. He finished his higher education from London and returned to India to take up social and public service.

In an informal interview with Harpreet Singh, we ask him about his career and goals in life. Below is an excerpt from the same conversation:

As a social and political activist, how has your career shaped up so far?

It has been great and I am happy to say that it has brought about real change in society and helped me rediscover myself as a person. As the youngest Secretary General of the Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress, I have been given responsibility that has helped me take up social service that brings real change. Connecting with people and resolving their issues is what a normal day in my life looks like.

You undertook numerous support projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell us more about them.

I founded the India Together Foundation with the objective of extending social help and support to hundreds and thousands of people who were the worst affected by the pandemic. I and my team shortlisted certain households of hand-to-mouth workers and regularly supplied them food grains, vegetables and water. I also distributed free food packages, masks and sanitizers on a daily basis.

What plans do you have for the future?

I aim to continue doing what I am doing right now but on a much larger scale. As a social worker, I understand that my work is not limited to a few hours of the day and is actually round the clock. In the future, I want to assist more people by taking their issues and demands to appropriate authorities and resolving them efficiently.

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