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Harboring the namesake of the Sistine Chapel’s creator, it’s no wonder why Michelangelo Falcon has utilized his creative abilities to skyrocket in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the spirited entrepreneur is a prime example of the true meaning of a hard worker. Never saying no to a challenge, Mic has not only taken on, but dominated industry fields including acting, producing, and of course, the business of it all.

You’re probably familiar with his work. In only five short years, Equvalence, a local consignment sneaker shop, has quickly risen to become the number 1 retailer in its field. A quick visit to the sneaker head’s haven will easily submerge you into a culture filled with exclusive shoes, the latest apparel, and rare anime collector’s items. Not only that, you’re likely to run into your favorite A-list celebrity casually shopping for their next outfit.

As a successful owner and creator, Mic still finds time to have a hand in all business dealings.

“There’s always time for what matters. You just have to make that time,” Michelangelo said.

A big feat for many, but not all. Michelangelo never takes unnecessary breaks. When not focused on his thriving business (with a second location now open), his time is solely dedicated to his craft. Realizing his knack for musical taste, a few years ago Mic built a music studio from the ground up and has now worked with a plethora of artists hot in the L.A. scene. Not only Has Mic produced some tracks, but his specialty is songwriting. Guarantee that you’ve come across his work once or twice..or more.

The true hallmark of a good artist is undeniably passion, dedication, and vulnerability. Of the three, the latter presented the most difficult roadblock for the first-generation Venezuelan artist. Life certainly wasn’t easy, as Mic had to grow up quickly and be the man of the household at only 15 years old. With no other choice, but to either grow a thick skin and put himself out there or starve, the artist chose the former.

“Music was incredibly tough for me. People don’t realize that jumping into this business is not just about making a good beat and recording some lines. No, you have to dig into a deeply emotional part of yourself and translate that to the world. Not everyone can do that. Better yet, not everyone is willing to do that,” Mic said.

That he did. It’s safe to regard Mic as a force behind the Los Angeles music and business scene with only more to come.
To find out more about Michelangelo Falcon and track his journey, follow him on his social media @Micfalcon on Instagram and YouTube.

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