5 Things You Didn’t Know About ORINCORE | Kathmandu Tribune

My name is Adarsh Suradkar aka Orincore. I’m a verified musical artist and make entertainment YouTube videos. I live in Mumbai, India. Born on 29 June 2003. My father Bhikaji Ramdas Suradkar supported me a lot in this journey. My mother’s name is Vaishali Bhikaji Suradkar. My brother’s name Prasenjeet Suradkar. I started my journey in 2015 and shifted from Making from Normal YouTube video I shifted to making Music and released my first hip-hop rap song “Kaamiyaabi” which gave me great confidence to continue in this industry. I’ve had made short films too and recently my short film “The Loop” is released.  

1. I’m very talkative in nature. If I’m comfortable around you you’ll gonna see a funny version of me.
2. I’m kinda serious about my work.
3. I wanna chase the YouTube Golden Play button and make my family proud.
4. I want to support every hardworking beginner YouTuber. I like to support Real Talent.
5. I love to travel and explore some greenery places and love to capture them inside me

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